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vsMobile is an add on product for Visual Supplier™. It allows mobile salesman to take customer orders and remotely send them in to Visual Supplier™ while on the road.


  • Order and Send
  • Sales History
  • Integrates with Routing Module
  • Supports GPRS/CDMA/802.11
  • Complete Customer Items
  • Payment History


  • Customer History
  • Management Configurable
  • Set alarms for appointments
  • Open Items
  • Full search and sort
  • Much, Much more

Order and Send

vsMobile is the ultimate add on for our flag ship product Visual Supplier™. This application allows the salesman to take orders out on the road and send them in remotely without ever stepping foot in the office. Our technology guarantees that your mobile salesmen will always be up to date with the latest Visual Supplier™ Data.

Sales, Payments and Customer History

vsMobile provides the salesman with all kinds of information regarding his customer. Customer Items, Contact Information, Open Items, Payment History, Sales History, Open Orders and more...

Integrates with Routing Module

vsMobile also integrates with our optional routing module. Select a list of customers you need to see that day, and presto, the routing module computes a shortest path vector by vector.

Set Alarms for appointments

vsMobile contains some CRM like capabilities. Customer contact information can be noted and saved. Alarms can be attached to customers reminding you when to contact your customer next.

Management Configurable

vsMobile contains a configuration application. Various features can be turned on/off for the sales force. There may be information you would prefer to remain hidden.

Other Mobile Apps

Welcome to the world of mobile apps for Visual Supplier™. These devices can be used for inventory management, placing driver orders, receiving inventory into a warehouse and delivering product.

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  • Inventory Management
  • UPC Collector
  • Warehouse Transfers
  • Receiving Inventory
  • Drivers Orders
  • Deliver Product

Inventory Management

This application allows the user to perform inventory counts. Just select a warehouse and start scanning barcodes. When your done scanning, click save and sync. When the syncing process is finished, Visual Supplier™ will be updated with the newly recorded counts.

UPC Collector

This application is generally used one time during the setup process. Visual Supplier™ keeps track of inventory by part numbers. Part numbers can have a barcode attached to them. The UPC Collector allows the user to scan bar codes in the warehouse and then enter the corresponding part number (that Visual Supplier™ already knows about). When you're done scanning and entering part numbers just click save and sync. When the syncing process is finished, Visual Supplier™ will be updated with the newly scanned bar codes.

Warehouse Transfers

This application allows the user to transfer inventory from one warehouse to another. Simply scan/or enter the Transer Reference ID. Then start scanning product to be loaded on the truck.

Receiving Inventory

This application allows the user to receive inventory into a warehouse. Just select the warehouse id and the purchase order number. You may then start scanning. When your finished scanning all the items on the PO, hit save & sync. Visual Supplier™ will be updated with all the items that just arrived.

Driver Orders

This application is used to create Visual Supplier™ orders out in the field. This product can be used for fuels and lubes. Use the arrow keys to select a customer, delivery location and product. Then enter an order/ticket number and a quantity. The price will be filled in automatically for that customer. Taxes will be computed and then a receipt will be displayed. You can then (wirelessly via bluetooth) print the receipt/ticket for the customer. When finished save & sync your order. The order/ticket goes directly into invoicing in Visual Supplier™.

Deliver Product

This application grabs a list of orders that need to be delivered right from Visual Supplier™. The user then selects his driver name & truck (certain products can only be loaded on certain trucks). He then selects the order he is delivering. The products are scanned as they come off the truck. When your done unloading, capture the recipients name AND signature.